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GeotagIQ IntelliTags 500-pack

GeotagIQ IntelliTags 500-pack

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Enhance your GeoTagIQ solution with additional premium IntelliTags. 

  • Anodized aluminum tags
  • Anti-glare surface enhances barcode scan rates.
  • Sticks permanently to plastics or metal. 3M 467 adhesive.
  • Packaged on strips (usually from 8 - 12 labels per strip)

Intellitags, our durable, anodized aluminum tags tags are designed for reliable performance in harsh outdoor conditions. Legend, colors and barcode serial numbers are sealed into the aluminum and cannot be worn off. Easily attach them to your assets using 3M 467 adhesive for seamless tracking and management.  This tag is a best-seller.

Graphics, serial numbers, barcodes and colors are sealed into the diamond hard anodic layer of the aluminum. Compare to competitors that do not feature anodized colors.

Adhesive bonds permanently to most every surface, including both plastic and metal. Allow 24-48 hours to let the adhesive cure to the surface before attempting to tamper or remove the label.

IntelliTags have a matte surface that cuts down on glare and enhances fast barcode scan rates.

3M™ Adhesive is usable for very short periods at temperatures up to 400°F (204°C) and intermittently longer periods up to 300°F (149°C). The lowest service temperature for the 3M™ Adhesive is -40°F (-40°C). Label should be bonded at room temperature for optimal performance.

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