As cities grow larger and more complex, managing their infrastructure becomes an increasingly difficult task. One of the most critical components of any city's infrastructure is its street lighting system, which must be maintained regularly to ensure public safety and maintain an attractive environment for residents and visitors. GeoTagIQ's SLiM is a powerful tool for smart cities, providing a comprehensive solution for the management and maintenance of street lighting systems. With SLiM, you can optimize the efficiency of your maintenance team, reduce costs, and improve safety in your city.

“With just scanning the QR code with my phone, the coordinates go to the cloud automatically.”

GeoTagIQ displays all street lighting poles on a map, color-coded to indicate whether the associated lamps are functioning correctly, require maintenance, or have failed. This provides an at-a-glance view of the status of each street lighting pole, allowing maintenance teams to prioritize their work efficiently. Additionally, supervisors can use the map display to monitor the progress of maintenance work across the city.

GeoTagIQ records the installation and maintenance of each lamp by the operator. This ensures that all maintenance tasks are carried out on time and allows for comprehensive reporting on the maintenance history of each lamp.

With GeoTagIQ, maintenance teams can easily access and update maintenance records, ensuring that street lighting systems are always in optimal condition.

“With GeoTagIQ, we can see the GPS coordinates of all the lamps for precise tracking and their status. We can now easily identify defective lamps and schedule their maintenance with ease.”
Carla and Mario

GeoTagIQ generates comprehensive maintenance reports per pole, providing an overview of all maintenance activities carried out, including the costs and time required for each task. Additionally, GeoTagIQ calculates the global nominal consumption per month and per year, enabling cities to monitor their energy usage and optimize their street lighting systems accordingly.

"GeoTagIQ allows me to have an overview of all maintenance activities carried out by my team. Easily, from any computer without the need to download any additional application. It's very convenient!” - Carla

GeoTagIQ provides a comprehensive solution for the management and maintenance of street lighting systems in smart cities. With its powerful geolocation and QR code tracking, maintenance record keeping, color-coded map display, maintenance reports, and consumption tracking, GeoTagIQ streamlines street lighting maintenance and management, providing cities with the tools they need to ensure their infrastructure is always in optimal condition.