Mobile-Friendly Asset Tracking

Scan QR codes with any smartphone to capture asset data

GeotagIQ's system is designed for ease of use in the field. Simply attach our weatherproof QR tags to your street lights or utility poles, then scan them with a smartphone to record GPS coordinates, asset IDs, and other key information. No special equipment or training required.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Leverage asset data to optimize operations and plan for the future

With GeotagIQ, you can turn your street lighting data into actionable insights. Identify underperforming assets, prioritize maintenance based on condition and criticality, and forecast future infrastructure needs. Our platform also integrates with leading GIS and asset management systems through our plug-in architecture, allowing you to leverage your existing data investments.

Centralized Management Dashboard

Access asset data, maintenance records, and performance metrics in one place

The GeotagIQ web portal (SLiM) gives you a single, centralized view of your entire street lighting inventory. View asset locations on a map, track maintenance history, monitor energy usage, and more. The platform is cloud-based and accessible from anywhere, making it easy to coordinate field crews and management teams.